The first Cake tickets go live

watch After a month of running round like a blue arsed fly I am happy to say that the first tickets for the inaugural Cake event in Loughborough for creatives, designers, developers and entrepreneurs are now up for grabs (and still free) from Eventbrite.

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where to buy bactrim online The event is to be held at Loc8me in the heart of Loughborough with free food and drink from Peter’s across the road and support from Heart Internet, 5or6 and Legacy Training.

source url With great sponsors, phenomenal speakers and prizes up for grabs plus the allure of free beer, it promises to be a great night.

can you drink when you take doxycycline If you would like anymore information or have any questions about the event you can either email me or contact me via Twitter, alternatively you can find out more information on the Cake website.

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