Patience & fulfilment

31st Dec, 2016

I bet your timelines have been flooded over the last week or so with “New Year new me” and, “2017 is going to be my year” posts. And I bet now it’s getting a little boring 😐 I 100% agree on… Continue reading

What I learnt going Vegan for a month

03rd Mar, 2016

For the past 4 years (I think), my wife Anna and I have gone veggie for January, so this year we thought we would up the ante and go Vegan for the month. Here’s a few things I leant/observed. I… Continue reading

Challenges for 2016

05th Jan, 2016

Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again. New year, new me and all that jazz 😐 Last year I set goals, but this year I’m setting challenges, with the idea to push myself to be happier, more interesting,… Continue reading