A quick(ish) guide to running a meet up & creating a community

11th Feb, 2017

A couple of years ago we had the idea to set up an event for the people of Loughborough, Cake. For the 2 years that followed we ran events bi-monthly with attendances up to 120 people and speakers from all… Continue reading

Saying goodbye to Cake

04th Jan, 2017

Just under 2 years ago, myself along with the help of a few others set up Cake, an event for creatives, designers, free thinkers, do-gooders, entrepreneurs (etc etc you get the point) in Loughborough. And it has been great fun…. Continue reading

Two Birds, One Stone

16th Dec, 2015

Last Wednesday I presented at my first design meet up. Goal number 3 complete. Oh and of course it was at Cake 😉 . At the start of the year after I had made my list of goals for the year,… Continue reading

Let’s talk & drink coffee & stuff

30th May, 2015

The second Cake is nearly upon us, and I really can’t *insert multiple expletives here* wait. Following the last event the past month has been incredible and has shown me how trying to do something great for others can benefit you. So before… Continue reading

A slice of Cake

27th Apr, 2015

After a few months of planning, a few sleepless nights and more emails than I care to remember, the first Cake event happened last Thursday night, and it went pretty well I’m happy to say. A sell-out 60-strong crowd of creatives,… Continue reading

The first Cake tickets go live

06th Apr, 2015

After a month of running round like a blue arsed fly I am happy to say that the first tickets for the inaugural Cake event in Loughborough for creatives, designers, developers and entrepreneurs are now up for grabs (and still… Continue reading

Who wants a piece of Cake?

04th Mar, 2015

I am really excited to announce the launch of Cake — a free bimonthly meet up for creatives, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who fancies a good chin wag and evening of good beer, pizza and inspirational talks in Loughborough. The aim of the… Continue reading