Just chill, you’re doing fine

Every now and then I get that little voice at the back of my mind telling me that I’m not moving forward in life as quick as I would like. And it scares the shit out of me.

Social media is the main reason for this. It’s a focused, cultivated version of individual lives with none of the shit parts thrown in.

I have huge respect for the likes of Ryan Holiday, Elle Luna, Casey Neistat, Austin Kleon and Jeffrey Zeldman who are doing great things consistently.

But they aren’t achieving what I want to, and they aren’t living my life.

I love following their story online (I don’t know any of them personally… yet), and yes at some points I do get a tad envious at what they are doing, but it’s the experiences I long for, not the cash or the lifestyles they live.

But social media isn’t always to blame.

I have great friends that I see week in, week out accomplishing mind-blowing things. Opening restaurant chains, improving the health care system in their town, coaching Olympic and world record holders, launching game changing apps and travelling the world as a sports presenter.

Incredible achievements, but again they aren’t me.

I’m sure they’re ticking their goals off their list quickly, but they can’t touch my list. It’s mine.

I am so proud to know them, and in awe of what they are achieving and where they are going in their lives, but they are going after their goals, not mine.

I can’t compare their achievements with my own. They aren’t comparable, plus I’ve done some cool stuff too that I bet they wished they could have experienced.

I mean I’ve cycled from London to Paris, ran competitively for England, married the love of my life, only ever worked for myself since university and get to do what I love every day.

I doubt there is anyone else in the world with that set of achievements.

They are unique to me, my personal goals and my decisions. Not anyone else’s.

Sometimes a little perspective, an understanding of what is important to you and a reality check can really offer clarity on your situation.

So it turns out I’m doing fine after all.

Accept maybe not for those little voices in my head.

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