Just type and push publish

It has been a while since I last wrote something. Well I guess that’s not strictly true, a more accurate description would be that it has been a while since I finished writing something. I have written a lot, just not published anything. My bad.

The last few months since my birthday have been pretty packed, I have witness a few good friends tie the knot, my wife’s birthday has come and gone and I have been making steady progress on my “to do list” for 2015. More updates will follow here soon on this. If I can finish the articles that is.

As for now I guess this could be classed as a holding article. Which let’s be honest doesn’t sound that glamorous, but I needed to ship something rather than stockpile articles for when I feel they are ready.

Sometimes getting something out there for the world to see can be difficult, which is most probably why I have stockpiled a few articles over the past month or so. It has also made me realise I will never be 100% content with anything I produce, so to try and remedy that the aim of this article is to just type and push publish. I started writing this article at 7 this morning, finished it at 7:20 and then pushed live. So I apologies for the spelling, grammar and any other mistakes you see, yet I did what I set out to do, just type and push publish.

#Winning. Is that still a thing?

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