Let’s talk & drink coffee & stuff

The second Cake is nearly upon us, and I really can’t *insert multiple expletives here* wait. Following the last event the past month has been incredible and has shown me how trying to do something great for others can benefit you.

So before we begin, first let’s rewind to why Cake started in the first place but I wouldn’t worry it’s not a long story, in fact this sentence is probably longer than the story about to be told.

Ahem *clear throat*

I wanted to go to an event with other local people with different ideas, backgrounds and passions but had one thing in common, they wanted to share and contribute to the local creative community. That’s it.

I had a feeling that there were others out there who wanted something like this so I thought it would be a good idea to at least try the concept, and for the first event it worked(ish).

Now I understand it seems I might be getting ahead of myself, after all we have only held 1 event, I know this so don’t worry, yet with the next event looming I thought I would share what Cake has done for me personally over the last month or so.

People want to talk to me

I’ve had more “let’s go for a coffee and talk” type of emails in the last month than I think I’ve had in my entire life beforehand! We have organised a mini “Cake committee” to help generate new ideas to keep the concept fresh and exciting, and the amount of people who have contacted me on Twitter to offer support and contacts has been incredible.

I have met countless people who want to help, contribute and have ideas they would like to share with me and at the event, and over at 5or6 we have hired an intern off the back of him attending an event, giving me his CV and asking for a job. Not bad for a start hey?

Bazillions of new ideas

The first event taught me so much and gave me quite literally bazillions of ideas for Cake, 5or6, STP and myself. But it wasn’t just the speakers that provided me with these little sparks, it was everyone who I spoke to at the event and since who have opened me up to new experiences and different perspectives.

Some ideas I have looked to expand upon and implemented, others I haven’t, but I guess that’s the beauty of ideas, some take hold and change the world, whilst others are just steps in the journey.

I’m grateful for the friends I have

The first event was tough, and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and I still don’t so without the help and support of friends it would have never happened. Anna (my wife) manned the tickets and drinks station, whilst Pete (my business partner) took photos and helped me organise the day along with James and Joe. Dave, at the drop of a hat sorted and manned the sound system, whilst Henri and Raff took time out of their day to help me set Loc8me up. All three speakers took a trip up from London to speak at the event and all took it seriously.

All their help and support was beyond what I could have asked for, they along with everyone who turned up made the event a success and it taught me how to treat friends, give them your time and effort and they will be forever grateful and willing to help you.

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