Saying goodbye to Cake

04th Jan, 2017

Just under 2 years ago, myself along with the help of a few others set up Cake, an event for creatives, designers, free thinkers, do-gooders, entrepreneurs (etc etc you get the point) in Loughborough. And it has been great fun…. Continue reading

A slice of Cake

27th Apr, 2015

After a few months of planning, a few sleepless nights and more emails than I care to remember, the first Cake event happened last Thursday night, and it went pretty well I’m happy to say. A sell-out 60-strong crowd of creatives,… Continue reading

Bigging myself up

30th Dec, 2014

I’ve been tasked with doing something I really don’t like to do, write something that makes me sound rather good. Ughhh. I have had to write my bio for Switch the Play so I thought I would post it up here first… Continue reading

My goals for 2015

10th Dec, 2014

Setting goals is hard, and achieving them can be even harder, so I have decided to put some positive pressure on myself (inspired by the The Monk who sold his Ferrari) and share my list of personal goals for 2015…. Continue reading

Something that’s stuck

02nd Dec, 2014

I learnt a lot at school, 99% I’m sure I can’t remember but somethings have stuck. One of my most inspirational teachers at school once told me that “you can’t fully understand something until you can confidently articulate it”. He nailed… Continue reading