Challenges for 2016

05th Jan, 2016

Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again. New year, new me and all that jazz 😐 Last year I set goals, but this year I’m setting challenges, with the idea to push myself to be happier, more interesting,… Continue reading

Hitting reset

14th Oct, 2015

I had a long weekend. A couple of 30th birthdays, and my mentor’s annual company party. I didn’t go crazy on the booze but three late nights in a row and alcohol in my system knocked me for six. This… Continue reading

Getting muddy

28th Sep, 2015

After 5 hours of running through electric wires, jumping into huge skips of ice and climbing over 10 foot walls I completed my very first Tough Mudder. I had been looking to for another physical challenge to do this year… Continue reading

1 down, 6 to go

27th Mar, 2015

A fews weeks ago I managed to tick off my first goal for 2015, I got down to 9% body fat. Queue the trumpets and street parade. I started off at an average(ish) 19% body fat and have been slowly… Continue reading

Do you do that everyday?

08th Jan, 2015

When I tell people what I do everyday in my routine I often get odd looks. “You get up when?” is something I hear pretty often, along with “Do you do that everyday?” People find my routine odd, or at… Continue reading