Patience & fulfilment

31st Dec, 2016

I bet your timelines have been flooded over the last week or so with “New Year new me” and, “2017 is going to be my year” posts. And I bet now it’s getting a little boring 😐 I 100% agree on… Continue reading

It matters that you show up

12th Oct, 2015

The other day Seth Godin wrote his 6000th post on his blog. Six f******g thousand! This is number 21. From that article one line really stood out to me, ‘It doesn’t matter if anyone reads it, buys it, sponsors it or shares… Continue reading

Ryan, you’re an idiot

15th Jan, 2015

“Ryan, you’re an idiot” – is a greeting I’ve become accustom to from my Dad. We have that kind of stupid name calling relationship we should have grown out of a long time ago, but we just can’t let go. We… Continue reading

Do you do that everyday?

08th Jan, 2015

When I tell people what I do everyday in my routine I often get odd looks. “You get up when?” is something I hear pretty often, along with “Do you do that everyday?” People find my routine odd, or at… Continue reading