Hitting reset

I had a long weekend. A couple of 30th birthdays, and my mentor’s annual company party. I didn’t go crazy on the booze but three late nights in a row and alcohol in my system knocked me for six.

This is a fairly extreme weekend for me. I can’t remember the last time I was out two nights in a row, let alone three, so it’s safe to say when Monday came-a-knocking I wasn’t at my best.

This happens every now and then to everyone it seems, and I’m certainly going to have days in the future when I feel that I’m not firing on all cylinders. Yet over the years I have found a couple of hacks to get me back and track and hit that reset button.

Meditation – Getting 20 minuets a day just to settle, focus and make myself more aware has played a big role in my life over the last few months and really helps me start the day well.

Exercise – This is the big one for me. A good session in the gym seems to clear my mind and get me ready for the day. Much like meditation this allows me to focus yet whilst getting the blood flowing around my body.

A to-do list – When you’re shattered you forget things. Well I do anyway. So I find making lists takes the load off my mind and gives me a chance to make a start at ticking things off whilst not worrying that I will forget anything I have to do that day.

I’m sure over the next few years I will find a few more tricks to help me flip the switch. But for now I know that if I’m not feeling my best I have ways to nudge myself back on track and get the most out of the day.

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