Patience & fulfilment

I bet your timelines have been flooded over the last week or so with “New Year new me” and, “2017 is going to be my year” posts. And I bet now it’s getting a little boring 😐

I 100% agree on trying to make the most of every year and to try to blueprint your time and goals out more effectively but what happens if we don’t tick everything off? How do you handle not achieving everything you want? What do you do? How do you act? What happens if everyone else is ticking theirs off and you aren’t?

I know that I’ve fallen victim to the unfulfilled New Years resolution a few times, and it is bloody annoying. It’s frustrating beyond belief to think that someone else is out there doing everything you wanted to do but you just couldn’t quite get it. Well fuck’em, it doesn’t matter.

I’m over the moon they’re out there (hopefully doing good) achieving their goals, but they aren’t me or my goals.

I’ve just started playing physical chess, I mean a bit of bouldering/climbing/falling at the local centre with my mate Nick.

Nick is a great teacher, he will probably disagree but he is. His feedback is simple, to the point and uncomplicated. He knows when to set me a harder challenge and when I’m mentally not at the races, but above all else he’s patient.

He knows new things take time to learn, understand and process which is why he is exactly what I need to help me progress at my own speed. If he wasn’t there I might have given up by now because I haven’t already scaled the hardest route and got frustrated at my own lack of progress.

Things take time to achieve and I know this but fuck wouldn’t it be nice to get everything straight away!? I’m not so sure. There’s only one thing I hate more than not getting something straight away, and that’s getting something I didn’t deserve.

So patience is my New (Years) resolution. I’m going to take my time, work at my own pace, not get frustrated in my own inadequacies and celebrate my wins. Oh and eat more cheese, that’s also on the list 😀

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